петак, 13. јануар 2017.

Full Moon over me

This full moon has never been more fruitfull for me                                         13 Jan 2017

It seems to be like I was born again

I am planning to move on with something different, I have many things on my mind like dancing, writing, painting, change in some way which could lead me to more peacefull way of life, I would like to be more dedicated to my children, to see them more clear and feel them better, to understand their moods and needs, some how I have neglected the mosst important in past few years, I was trying to make a world a better place instead of making my home a saint place and keep it from the outer world.

We will never understand why certain things happen and why some others don’t but in the course of life I come to conclusion that coming to the mid age of so cold path way I realizes that nothing was so dramatic or hard or bruethless, every thing was for my better undertanding of the world and flow of life.People come and go, dreams give us insight in what we don’t want to see, ilness warns us that we are not doing good to ourselves  and all these things I found only because I have been through the storm and walking on the edge.

So, finally I came to one conclusion, that worries not only made me stronger but they made me grow in more mature person.

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