петак, 09. септембар 2011.

Story without end

There were chords,

and music existed in the clearest hearts and brightest minds,

up, above in the bluest sky

And only clouds could enjoy this beautiful song, neverending melody, that sounded like pure divine, like sweetest memory and secret cry...

Many years had pased, and the chords were somehow bored, playing the same old tune, all over and over again, for so many years

So, one day, they decided to go little down, to earth, on the ground, among not so pure divines, and pure hearts, and amuse some other creatures
after all...they needed a change.

The clouds were very angry and unsatisfied with this decision

and they agreed that chords could not leave the skies just like that, and informed them that if they were about to leave, then they will no longer present a tune, or a melody but they would be broken .. notes, single, divided into DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI and DO but also on various possible combinations, like Mol and Dur, and on scales...

So, after reconsidering the chords accepted this kind offer, and were willing never to be united and to become free as they were (inside), just in order to leave and experience different freedom that they never knew before ...

to be continued

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