недеља, 09. март 2014.

Insane very happy person

Now I am definitely sure that I am not sane
when I wake up, first thing I think about is does every woman, mum woman thinks about things that are ahead her for that day, like mess in the living room that she has to clean up, dishes in the kitchen that should be washed, what to make for breakfast, and put in between my morning coffee and my 9 minutes of solitude that I desperately need without being wife, mum, or super woman that should shine like diamond in 7 am.
These are my thoughts when I open my eyes, I always need to plan ahead otherwise the day turns out to be either catastrophe or might be even better then I thought it will.
Anyway, wise man, once wrote that free time for writing doesn't exist, we have to make room for writing, we have to create that extra time to write, to actually sit in peace and type lines without being disturbed, that is really bliss, and as it is now I feel I was gifted by universe of this half an hour,and then look what I am writing about, it's just who I am. What does  makes my sense to the  day is that it really doesn't make difference whether I shall write or not, because in the end this is my therapy, I am my personal shrink, my own priest. And of course  I'm still making plans to check my older and recent writings in order to get rid of the clutter and start  writing something really important and serious....when  this will  happen? I decided tonight.

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